Black Texture


This was shot a few weeks back when I was getting ready to move overseas, and I haven't had any time to post it until now! Mind you, it is 1am here and I have been meaning to post this all day, so let's just say I've been procastinating...

I really loved the simplicity of this outfit matched with the textures, and have also really missed blogging for the past two weeks, so I thought why not post it! Generally I will never, ever wear an all black outfit, and will always try to squeeze some colour in, but I think because of the shapes and the knit combined with the leather, it just works!

I have traded in this SUPER comfy jumper for shorts and tees here in New York, but definitely made sure to pack it for Winter. I don't know what it is, but it is the perfect length/amount of slouchiness to pair with jeans or with a pair of hoops, a skirt and heels for dinner. I am also the kind of person that always buys one jumper every Winter and wears it until it has holes in it, and I  really want to buy another one of these in case that happens! 

Jumper: MVN here
Skirt: ZARA
Bag: Overseas markets
Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson
Shoes: Converse