Style Blogs You Need To Read


You know those weeks when you're just so busy, and you feel like everything is coming at you at once like a ton of bricks.

And in the middle of it, all you want to do is sit down with a cup of tea, and binge watch Real Housewives of New York, or Beverly Hills, or New Jersey (but judging slightly if Jersey is your first pick...) or as I like to do sometimes, sit down and read some blogs!

I know what they might say, blogging is dying, but if the writing matches the quality of the content, then I say it is going absolutely nowhere. To be honest, I feel like I personally know some of the bloggers I have been following for years, and often check in for that life update just like I would call my best friend to see how their Saturday night Bumble drinks went - you know? 

Others just write things that you feel like you really need to know about, or about feelings and expressions that are similar to your own. So I wanted to share some of my current favourite blogs for you all, some which are new discoveries and others that I have been following for up to 8 years, and hopefully you enjoy them just as much as I do. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Dress: Cmeo Collective here
Boots: Alias Mae here


The Fashion Fraction

While on Instagram Michele might look like she has it all figured out, on her blog she delves into her everyday feelings and insecurities, and you really start to feel like she is more of a friend you're just having a chat to. The posts are also met with some incredible content you don't want to miss!

Fashiion Carpet

You're going to have to translate this one (unless you can read German) but nevertheless, I am obsessed with Nina's blog. The photos are complete perfection, and she writes about real things like impacts of social media, alongside her incredible everyday personal style. 

Song of Style

Keep up to date with Aimee Song's style adventures with her up-to-date blog content which expands on her Instagram, and gives you more of an insight into her everyday life. 

Le Fashion

Get your quick fix of trends and fashion and where to buy it with Le Fashion. This true veteran blog that has stood the test through the introduction of Instagram, and remains an old faithful for fashion lovers across the globe. 

Collage Vintage

When Instagram just isn't supplying the imagery you need, head to Sara's blog. I honestly could stare at her photos for days - they are so beautiful and her outfits are perfection! She also posts every couple of days, so the content is always fresh. 

The Girl From Panama

Pam dishes up the best of her everyday looks, style and travel, accompanied by lengthy and helpful writings that are actually super informative and interesting. 


Polienne is like the cool girl who's style you always want to steal. Her photos and style are completely effortless, and her blog posts keep you up-to-date on her everyday life and style tips. 


My all time favourite blog forever! I have been following Kenza for probably close to 8 years now and I am scared that if I ever see her I will lose my mind because I feel like I know her... She is so honest and engaging with everyday stresses and life, and serves up killer style to match.