Because I Want Something New


A quick weekend away in Sydney is always anything but a quick weekend away. I am generally left completely exhausted by trying to pack as many adventures into two days as possible.

Not to mention packing the perfect wardrobe! 

Like Melbourne, Sydney's weather can be temperamental at best, which is why packing layers like my go-to denim jacket is always a must. However, the other issue is I always want something new to wear. This want certainly isn't just reserved for weekends away, but I think I may have found a way around it - Popcherry!

If you're a self confessed online shopping addict like myself, then you have probably scrolled through a few Popcherry Instagram ads in your time, you know, the ones where the clothes seem to be insanely cheap. So I recently jumped online and found that yes, it's true, all of the clothing is ridiculously affordable. 

Now, it's not to say spending money on clothes is bad, it isn't! Especially if you're buying quality over quantity, but for those weekends or events where you can't bare the thought of dropping hundreds on an outfit, Popcherry is the answer! 

I opted for this cute Florale co-ord because, yep if you have read my other blog posts you know I love co-ords (you probably don't need to hear it again). However, I can also style it with my boots and jackets when Sydney decides to rain and snow in one day! (The snowing part is a joke). 

Skirt and top: Popcherry (here)
Jacket: Vintage
Boots: ASOS
Bag: Guess