So, Why Do I Blog?


Fashion blogging has infiltrated social media, and now, it has become oversaturated with outfits of the day and ridiculously good looking people, dogs and coffee. There is no doubt this phenomenon continues to grow in popularity, but at the same time a survey I asked some of you last week came back to show that some of you were tired of seeing fashion bloggers in your feed. With so much of the same content circulating, it is understandable. Plus, let's be honest, there are so many bloggers. Adding to this, some may say we are losing sight of the more important things in life, like real moments and bigger issues, but in a way, this is why I blog. 

At university, I studied a predominantly journalism degree, which at one point led me to wanting a career as a correspondent. My views and opinions on the world are ones that the people around me are quite familiar with, and quite often I spend too much time mulling over something horrible that I heard on the news. However, my passion for creativity and style was also pulling me in another direction, which is why I decided at university that I would work for a publication that addressed both bigger world issues as well as more light-hearted topics, such as fashion and beauty. That however, was until I was completely immersed in the world of blogging, and decided to create my own blog. Since day one of beginning my blog, it wasn't actually the followers or lifestyle that attracted me to continue to post, but rather the sharing and love for content creation, while finding like-minded and insanely creative people! 

Now, while some may say that this virtual world of cappuccinos and fur coats has blinded us from the real issues in the world, I have to somewhat disagree. You see, while I understand there is that element, there are also the young creatives that share their passions with their thousands, if not millions of followers, while shedding light on seriously important topics! This is what inspires me, and this is pretty much why I continue to blog today. It is an outlet that allows us to share all kinds of elements of ourselves, and you will often find it is the genuine accounts that receive the most attention. Adding to this, with so many important and sometimes horrible occurrences that happen in the world, I find scrolling through Pinterest, religiously following my favourite bloggers and sharing positive content somewhat therapeutic, and I believe it is all about maintaining a balance between what is real, and what is not. 

So, this is pretty much why I continue to blog and post on social media, because it is an outlet that allows me to express my creativity in all kinds of ways while promoting positivity. I definitely want to tap into my other journalistic side again - the non-fashion journalism side, and I think with my new website up-and-running I definitely will! 

Playsuit: Glassons (here)
Jacket: Vintage Levi's
Scarf: Vintage
Bag: From Vietnam
Shoes: Seed (here)