I Have No Time


In between full-time work, social life, blogging, hanging out with my dog, I literally have no time! So when it comes to finding outfits there is no exception.

I wouldn't say that I'm a lazy shopper, I mean all of my free time is probably going into online shopping, but I definitely look for things that I can wear 1 - 3 ways because of my lack of time. Putting together outfits generally occurs when I am half asleep, unaware of the weather outside, and also not sure if it is Saturday or Friday, so to say I need versatility in my wardrobe is an understatement. 

So what do I look for when I am spending all of that time online shopping? Pieces like this Boohoo jumpsuit. An item I can wear with heels, a tee, a jacket, boots, sneakers  - you name it. And it is a whole outfit in one! Also why I love jumpsuits... I wrote a post about that too

And there it is, as much as I love clothes and fashion, I can often be seriously lazy when it comes to constructing outfits. I admit it! 

Jumpsuit: Boohoo (here)
Sneakers: Seed
Bag and sunglasses: Overseas markets!