Best Vegetarian Food in Vietnam

Okay, now time for me to serve up my favourite places to eat in Vietnam - more specifically Hanoi and Saigon. Being a vegetarian and travelling can be a difficult task, let alone being a vegan (this list is for you too, vegans!) so I wanted to share some of my favourite spots while travelling through Vietnam, so you can avoid spitting out unwanted meat - in front of locals :) Now I am not saying this is the best list, and by all means there are sooo many more places I wanted to try, especially street food. I found it difficult to find completely vegetarian street food, but if you managed to find some while you were there I would love to hear in the comments section! Also, I have some recommendations for Hoi An and Da Nang, so just message me if you're heading there.



Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Amongst the seafood and many, many local meat dishes you will find delicious juices, vegetarian vietnamese dishes and even Indian food!

Phat's Dumpling House

Not heaps of options, but if you love dumplings definitely give this a go! You can order veggies as well as a few dumpling and bao options, and they do not disappoint. 

The Secret Garden Restaurant

If you're up for trying some traditional Vietnamese food in a beautiful rooftop garden setting, then look no further than The Secret Restaurant. They have some incredible veggie dishes and cocktails, as well as unique Vietnamese food for the non-vegos. 

Pizza 4P's

If you're like me and love your pasta, you will love Pizza 4P's! You can order a pizza sans the cheese, or opt for one of their delicious veggie pastas. 


If you have hit your Vietnamese food intake limit and need some avo toast and a coffee, head to L'Usine. This super cool boutique/upstairs restaurant shows off Saigon's hip side and reflects the Parisian ambience that still exists amongst the hustle and bustle. 

Mountain Retreat

This place dishes up amazing local cuisine, and serves up the basic with a twist! It's also hidden away in a side alley and up a few flights of stairs, but don't be fooled, it's no secret - make sure you book in advance!


Craft beer is everywhere in Saigon, and Rogue does it well. The staff will help you find the perfect beer for you, or, you can try them all! It's up to you. While you're at it, order some of their food dishes to eat on the side - it all comes together perfectly. 



Hanoi Social Club

If you have been to Hanoi, and to this cafe, I know what you're thinking - of course she chose that, so basic. HOWEVER, Hanoi came at the end of our trip, and as a girl that loves her big Western breakfasts, this place became our regular. Enjoy an excellent coffee and smashed avo before doing all those touristy things! 

Amato Tapas Bar

This place is so hidden away, and I am so happy we literally stumbled across it. It offers delicious tapas and excellent wine, and I would recommend going here for a late night dinner before heading to the Hanoi Jazz Club. 

Banh Mi 25

This was recommended to me by a friend, and it was so good we went twice consecutively. This is also perfect for vegetarians that want to eat Banh Mi and can't find a decent one anywhere! Their tofu Banh Mi is absolutely delicious. 

Manzi Cafe

This is the cutest little downstairs cafe turned art gallery upstairs. They definitely specialise in their coffee, and offer small breakfast options like jam on toast and croissants. I just wanted to throw it in here as it really is the nicest vibe, and if you do visit, make sure you see the art upstairs! 

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

If you're after a burger, an ice cold specialty beer and excellent vibes, then Pasteur Street is your go-to. It turns out the Vietnamese beer game is pretty strong, and this little company scattered across Saigon and Hanoi proves just that! 

Highway 4

This place has mixed reviews online, however I can confirm we had one of our best Vietnamese meals here. It offers a huge range of delicious and traditional Vietnamese dishes, as well as Vietnamese liquor.

Om Yoga and Cafe

Vietnam can be a pretty hectic place, which is why Om Cafe is a must try, even if you just visit for lunch or breakfast. This little studio is tucked away and up a flight of stairs, and upon seating, you will be handed a fresh brew and have your delicious breakfast cooked for you by the staff from the yoga studio. It is so tranquil here and the food is so wholesome, so I would recommend it if you're starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed or run down. 

Cong Caphe

Just go there, get the coconut iced coffee (dairy free), and never look back. Your life will be changed.