Top 5 Products Under $100


Before you splurge on your next beauty purchases - READ THIS! I always like to update the beauty section of my blog when I notice myself repeatedly purchasing the same product, or I decide to try an inexpensive product and it turns out to be amazing!! I do believe that skin care and makeup is something you should absolutely invest in, however sometimes it isn't always necessary...Here I break down the top 5 products I have been using and loving - all under $100. 

Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream - $37

Ah - finally! A moisturiser that doesn't make my face look like it's been marinating in the hot sun all day. This stuff has an incredible soft and thick textur - but don't be fooled. Once it's on it soaks right into the skin leaving it plump and moisturised, but definitely not oily. Also, there are no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or petroleum, and no synthetic colours or fragrances. TICK!


Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask - $9

Behold! A little jar of goodness that will instantly revamp your beauty regime. This Swisse facial mask actually does work, unlike so many other masks I have tried in the past. If you are prone to breakouts, I would highly recommend using this once a week, or when you just feel like a little extra pampering.

Carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening - $49.95

I was a little bit skeptical of this product, but nonetheless curious to try it at first. I mean, a black charcoal that makes your teeth white!? Witchery - right? But not really, because I was pleasantly surprised even after the first time using it that this (very messy) black charcoal really does work, and make my pearly whites brighter with each brush.


Selfie Tan' n Go Bronzing Mousse - $19.99

If you leave absolutely everything to the last minute like me, then this product will also become your saviour. The best thing about this tan is that it literally only takes an hour to develop, and it always washes off evenly (even if it doesn't look like it when you're applying). Yes, the smell is a little off putting and the liquid is quite strong, but the end result is perfect!

Essano Rosehip Micellar Water - $10.99

If you have read some of my beauty posts in the past, then you will know that it is no secret that I LOVE rosehip oil. So when I found this rosehip micellar oil I had to try it! I don't know if this is the right thing to do in the beauty bible, but I actually love to use this before washing my makeup off. I will remove my eye makeup and foundation with this at the end of the day, and then cleanse in the shower. I find it is the best way to make sure everything is washed from my face before bed.

Please note that all of the products I have recommended are cruelty free. Over the past few years, I have made a more conscious effort to only purchase products with primarily natural ingredients and that are cruelty free, and from here on I will only be recommending cruelty free products on the blog.