Hey Zara, Nice To See You


I am sure we probably all remember our first interaction with Zara. Mine ensued panic, anxiety and a wave of overwhelming fear that I wouldn't be able to take the whole shop home with me. I think I was about 14 and on a family trip to Sydney.

Now quite a few years on and the retail giant has FINALLY heard our prayers down under. I actually made a personal plea on their Spanish website a few years back, literally begging them to make the clothing available in Brisbane - when only Sydney and Melbourne were afforded such a luxury! 

As an avid online shopper, I can't say that this Zara being online business is going to be good for my bank account, but I do know that those European trends that we all so longingly admire are now a reality for us to own! Just recently I couldn't stop crushing on all the pops of colour and stripes that were popping up in my favourite Scandi street style Instagram accounts, so when I saw this sweater I clicked add-to-cart immediately. 

Adding to that, the actual shopping process was pretty seamless, and I even quickly returned something in store (it was one of those baker boy hats - I have bought two now and can't manage to find one to fit my head!!). 

So, have you shopped online with Zara yet? How's your bank account been looking since it launched? ;)

Sweater: Zara - similar here
Skirt: Zara - similar here
Sneakers: Seed
Sunglasses and bag: Overseas markets