Timeless Accessorising with Mockberg


While I love to lash out on statement jewellery and accessories, I actually find it difficult to buy timeless and classic items that you can wear day in and day out. I prefer items that are minimal and clean for everyday wear, and I know will instantly add a little something extra to whatever I am wearing that day. For me, those items have to a great leather jacket, a pair of denim jeans and a timeless watch. 

Aside from staying on time, a beautiful watch is not only a practical accessory, but compliments your overall look, and I think your watch can actually say a lot of about you. For me, I love the androgynous yet distinct and minimal design of the Mockberg watches, all of which feature an adjustable strap and are available in leather or mesh. Here I am wearing the Livia Noir, which I love for its gold detailing and black timeframe which suits my all black and denim week day uniform perfectly.

For one week only, you can receive 30€ off your Mockberg watch at the checkout with the code bridiemcphie. So if you've been meaning to get one from some time, or you have some gifting to do (ahem, Mother's Day!) then I suggest you snatch up one of these beautiful Swedish timepieces!