The Scandinavian Uniform


When I visited Stockholm a few years ago, I was incredibly inspired by their minimal street style and unofficial everyday uniform which consisted of a duster coat, tee, jeans and sneakers. Every woman I walked past effortlessly pulled off this look while oozing coolness, and it is safe to say I mentally noted every ensemble to replicate.  By monitoring endless Scandinavian fashion blogs, it seems as though the street style has remained relatively the same, and in good reason. The combination is one of the easiest looks to put together, and throughout Winter the ensemble can be refreshed with alternating sneakers, jeans and coats. For this season, I opted to replicate the look with a super minimal coat from Runway Scout, which can be layered with practically anything. To accessorise, I just add a bandana and a shoulder bag, and I am ready to walk out the door.

Runway Scout Photo 9

Runway Scout Photo 1

Runway Scout 10

Runway Scout Photo 7

Runway Scout Photo 3

Runway Scout Photo 10

Runway Scout Photo 8

Runway Scout Photo 4

Runway Scout Photo 2